Project Overview

How can we promote a safe space for women to share and contribute with others?

As a UX Designer for an entrepreneur group of women, my goal was to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that would promote a safe space for women to share and learn from each other. We wanted to improve on the pain points of current social media and group chats being used, while keeping in mind the effects of COVID-19 on women, who were often working in low-paying, undervalued, and insecure jobs, and were affected more negatively than men in the economy and labor market [World Economic Forum].



UX Researcher, UX/UI Designer & Interaction Designer


Figma, Miro Google Forms, Google Meets


Market research, Survey, Interviews, Personas, User Journey, Affinity Mapping, User Journey, User flow, Wireframes, Moodboard, Prototype, Usability Test, and Handover to developers


Feb 2021 to March 2021


I began the discovery phase of my research by conducting a comprehensive analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data. Through interviews with group admins and members, I was able to gather more than 480 responses from women who participate in online and offline groups.

After closely examining this data, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of why and how women connect with one another. The results of my analysis revealed some significant insights, including:


Key Insights

Through the research conducted, several key insights emerged. The main pain points were grouped by different profiles, allowing for clear problem definition. The following three main key insights were identified:

key-insights miro

Meet the Users

Through the research, I identified 4 main personas, representing different profiles and needs within the target audience. Here are their profiles:

Valentina Almeida (32) Journalist
  • Open Mind
  • Learner
  • Engage
Valentina enjoys participating in online communities, engaging in discussions, and helping other women. She values trust and safety when engaging with the community.
Anna Vasconcelos (29) Entrepreneur
  • Open Mind
  • Curious
  • Updated
Anna believes it is crucial to follow and participate in groups that support women. She seeks knowledge and information on specific subjects and needs easy access to relevant content.
Leticia Oliveira (35) Psychologist
  • Safe
  • Social
  • Admin
Leticia runs an Instagram page focused on women's self-knowledge and self-esteem, creating her own content. She needs financial support for the work and time she spends managing the community.
Mayara Souza (25) Artist
  • Creative
  • Altruistic
  • Leader
Mayara created a group to share her experiences with friends, and it has now become a safe space for other women to discuss common issues. She needs help with organizing activities related to the community.

Problem Statement

After conducting extensive research on women's groups and communities, we have identified two key problems that needed to be addressed:



After finding the main problems of admin and group members, we could work in a definition and goal for our solution, I designed lili


A group platform built exclusively for women, where they can exchange safely and honestly about anything. With a custom space and guidelines, admins are able to build a safe environment for their users and monetize their services.


Throughout the design process, I collaborated closely with users to define features, flows, and wireframes that met their needs. After considering the development complexity and user feedback, we decided to move forward with the following four key features for Lili:

Gender Validation

Lili is a safe space for women, and it's essential to validate users' gender to maintain this. However, we discovered in user testing that document validation was a barrier for many users.
As a solution, we now offer auto-declaration for gender validation. This approach proved to be effective, and users feel comfortable identifying themselves as women.



Our research showed that users struggle to follow subjects on current chat tools. To solve this, Lili provides a platform for women to connect and exchange messages based on their interests.
Users can organize messages by tags, threads, and group timelines for easy discovery.



Users can create or join open or private groups on Lili. One of the main pain points identified in the research was how to compensate group admins for their help managing communities.
Lili enables admins to receive donations or monthly payments for private groups. Additionally, admins can define interests related to their group, helping women find the right groups to join.


Anonymous message

Our research and user testing highlighted the need for a feature that allows women to share sensitive subjects anonymously.
To meet this need, we developed an anonymous messaging system on Lili, which enables users to share and receive support even in the most difficult situations.


Design System

In addition to the user-centered design approach, we also implemented a comprehensive design system to ensure consistency and scalability across the product. The design system includes a defined color palette, typography guidelines, and a library of reusable components.
In line with our goal to create a welcoming and friendly environment, we carefully chose earth tones for the color palette and the Roboto font family for typography.


Feedback & Next steps…

Throughout the project, we followed a user-centered design approach and implemented a comprehensive design system to ensure consistency and scalability across the product. The interaction with developers and stakeholders helped us to iterate together at the features, understanding the effort to develop, and converging into the feature set. We also conducted constant testing to simplify some flows and find ways to improve them.

After delivering the designs and specs to the developers, I continued to support the team with tweaks and questions until the app reached the beta phase with test users. Moving forward, we have defined three success metrics for understanding and monitoring the evolution of the app and design:

By measuring these metrics, we can track the success of the app and identify areas for improvement to better serve our users on future.

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