Project Overview

How to improve the experience for clients and massage professionals?

Amo Bem Estar is a startup, focused on offering wellness services in Brazil. Their revenue comes from professional signatures and, the signup conversion rate was still low.
Looking into UX best practices I could observe the demand for a better registration process. What I confirmed looking into competitors, Google Analytics, and applying user research methods.
My challenge as a UX Designer was to re-design and improve the signup process increasing the conversion rate and making it simple for users.


UX Researcher, UX Designer & Interaction Designer


Figma, Miro, Marvel, Google Forms, Google Analytics & Sticky Notes


Market research, Survey, Interviews, User flow, Wireframes, Heuristic Evaluation, Moodboard, Competitive Analysis, Affinity Mapping, User Journey & Agile Development

Target Devices

Mobile and Desktop

Previous Version

Previous Version

The previous version of 'Amo Bem Estar' on desktop

Competitive Analysis

This phase will help the team to solve usability problems through a deeper understanding of where the product or service relies on the market. I research at internationals and Brazilian competitors analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Focused on CRO and looking into Google Analytics Data, I started understanding the weaknesses of the flow generating hypothesis to create solutions and tests.



Following the design thinking approach, I started applying surveys and interviews remotely. From that, I could gather quantitative and qualitative data about professional behaviors finding out more about their challenges.

research-data user-research-remote

Google Analytics

To get more information for my quantitative research, I used Google Analytics to understand behaviors and measure information from a period of 3 months, answering questions like:

google-analytics1 google-analytics2

Conversion Funnel

We measured the conversion Funnel of Amo Bem Estar using Google Analytics data. Describing the journey that the consumer takes through the website and finally converting to a completed task.


Heuristic Evaluation

After having good research to support me, I started looking into the problems focused on discovering where and how to solve it. To help me with it I used Heuristic Evaluations by Nielsen Norman Group.



To create a better connection between the solutions and the user, I decided to create a persona to represent a professional who wants to join the platform with their goals and frustrations.
Meet Julia, our Massage Therapist.


User Journey

“A customer journey map is a visualization of the process that a person goes through in order to accomplish a goal. It’s used for understanding and addressing customer needs and pain points.”
Nielsen Norman Group

For that, I created a Customer Journey always connecting it with our Persona.


Experience Map

An experience map is a representation of a full cross-channel experience. It was a tool that helped me to identify opportunities looking into 4 main pillars, connecting those with Amo Bem Estar flow.


User Flow

Analyzing the current flow and all the information from the Conversion Funnel, I could suggest a new user flow to be implemented.



Knowing that Amo Bem Estar has 53% mobile and 45% desktop users. I developed my wireframes using the mobile-first methodology, thinking in responsive contents, and the usability for each breakpoint.


High Fidelity Prototype

On my solution, I tried to be more focused on what the user is looking for. Adding a clear call to action buttons, and showing information based on what the user considers important. I also removed unnecessary steps from the sign up form, creating less friction and giving more control to the user.
Because of a NDA I can't show all the screens.


Usability Test

After finishing the prototype I went to Brazil to conduct a user test with professionals to collect feedback for the new sign up process.


Feedback & Next steps…

The results from the usability tests showed me that the new flow was more intuitive and usable from the user perspective. They could find easily where to register, and with few steps, they also could finalize the sign up successfully.

Now the product is in the development stage by the team to publish it in an A/B test environment.

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